Friday, May 26, 2017

Well, here is a little story.  I recently started doing swaps at Last week, I saw sign-ups for a vintage tag swap. So, I happily signed up. The next day, I received a response from the hostess. She said I could not join her swap because my work was not "good enough." I was so sad. Made me doubt my work, my joy for scrapping, how I identify myself, etc. I replied to the host stating I was surprised and sad to hear I was being excluded. I said I have taught scrapbook and rubber stamp classes. I have been on design teams...  She replied saying that she is the hostess and makes the rules, and that I needed to be gracious and mature about her decision.  Basically, she is rejecting me and I need to grace her.  Basically, she is going to be rude and I need to just take it.  After a lot of thought, I replied with the only thing that made sense to me ... "God bless you."  May she see some day how excluding people, and telling them they are "not good enough" was a choice hopefully she should not repeat. I am thrilled to tell you, 3 scrappers on that chat thread contacted me and asked me to privately swap with them. Beautiful!  These people also visited my gallery and left positive comments about my work.  Love!  Let's build one another up, for with that we shine ourselves!  This is a tag I made last night to send to one of my new friends.  One who reached out to me, and made me smile.  Thank you!


  1. Your tag is beautiful! Some people haven't a clue how to be human...

    1. Thank you so very much! Your comment made my heart happy!

  2. Love your tag, my friend!
    I'm so glad we have become friends.
    Wishing you and your family a very Blessed Day!
    We had beautiful service at church today:)
    Stat in touch with me, my friend.


  3. Suzanne, I commented on, but Robin told me about your blog. I am so sorry things went the way they did with the swap, so not necessary. I am very disappointed in the hostess. We are to lift each other up, not tear them down. Your work is so lovely & Robin & I are blessed to be your friends! Love this sweet tag!:)